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We take pride in helping people from all walks of life achieve the justice and peace they deserve.

What We Do

We provide excellence service to our community thorough cricket.


Training allows us to build up strength and skills, it help us to be confident and keep us motivated. Training also allows us to gain more knowledge of the sports as well as the importance of having a healthy mind and body. Training help us to be more focused and be batter.


Participating in sports allows us to make lasting friendships, develop communication skill, and create unity. Sports not only keep us physically fit but also teaches us the most important thing in our life - to be disciplined. Sports give us a positive attitude and make us mentally well balanced.


Achieving goals help us guides our focus and help us sustain that momentum in life. Achieving goals not only motivate us but also improve our mental health and our level of personal and professional success.

Our Goals

  • Help youths develop skills through the game of cricket.

  • Create opportunities for all the youths in our divers.

  • Help youths reach their dream of playing professional level of cricket.

Our Achievement

business achievement

2020 Tornado Cup Champions

business achievement

2020 Five Day Series Champions

Achievement Ribbon Medal

2023 Indoor Tape Ball Runner-Up

Our Story

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader" -John Quincy Adams. It all started on a cold winter day of February 2019 in Buffalo, New York. Some high school students came together and stepped towards a shared dream. As high school students, they had to swim against the tide and climb over the mountains to continue their dream. They had nothing but each other and the passion for the sports of cricket. And so far the dream is alive and will have its 4th anniversary on the second day of February 2023. Hello, Welcome to Buffalo Youngsters Cricket Club.

In the United States, the phrase "Cricket" might make you think of the wireless communication service or the noisy insect. But, Cricket is a sport that has over 2.5 billion fans and there are a number of youngsters in America who want to play the game but due to limited opportunities and lack of resources they don't get to pursue their interests. Here at Buffalo Youngsters Cricket Club, we are very eager to welcome each and every cricket enthusiast who wishes to practice, train, play, and enjoy the game of cricket.

It's easy when you have jobs for money and your own car to go places, but as young students, we didn't have the luxury to spend money on anything or go wherever we wanted. We started our journey with the help of our teachers at school who arranged the primary equipment to play cricket. In the beginning. No one in the group had their own car. So, we had to request rides from others or take the bus to come to practice/game sessions. We weren't able to afford our team jerseys untIl we were halfway through our first season.

We played our first game in the Tornado Cup 2019 which was organized by Cyclone City, one of the oldest cricket clubs in Buffalo. We got our first win against them which gave a huge boost to our confidence. We started as the youngest team in buffalo with the average age of the players being only 17. We started this club by ourselves When we weren't even eligible for a driver's license but We have come this far with our contribution and efforts.

Our goal is to create opportunities for all the youngsters who have a passion for cricket in their heart. We want to introduce this wonderful game to the diverse community in buffalo. We want to show the beauty of cricket to everyone who wishes to know about the game. We will offer information sessions, training sessions, practice sessions to every cricket enthusiast. We want to take our club to the next level where we could compete with teams all around the United States.

The founding members of our club are Maruf Hussain, Rafi Talukder, Emad Talukder, Arman Hossain, and Tahmid Hussain. It was their combined effort that made our club a reality and kept it growing. We helped each other and supported each other however we could. But the most important thing was that we stayed together. We are very grateful to our teachers who helped us get started by providing the Cricket bats, gloves, stumps, etc. We are also grateful to our mentor, our coach, and our big brother Nasir Khan who constantly encouraged us, taught us, trained us, and supported us. We are thankful to other teams who played against us and treated us with respect and honor. With everyone's support and effort, we believe we can continue our journey to become one of the best cricket teams in the US. ~ Mehrazul Islam Raiyan.

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